Huacaya Alpaca
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The alpaca pictured to the left is named
Celeste. She is a very sweet girl and is
available for purchase.

The alpaca has a relatively small head, a
cleft (split) upper lip, a long neck, and
large, pointed ears. The tail is short.
Alpacas have long, thick, very soft hair that
ranges in color from white to gray to brown
to black. The average adult alpaca
weighs about 120-140 pounds and is 3-3.5
feet tall at the  shoulders. Alpaca have
two-toed feet with toenails on the top
and with pads on the bottom. They do not
have hooves. Young alpaca are called crias.

Alpacas are considerably smaller than
llamas and unlike them are not used
as beasts of burden but are valued only for
their fiber (wool), used for making
blankets and ponchos in South America, and
sweaters, blankets, socks and
coats in other parts of the world. The fiber
comes in more than 22 natural colors.
Visit our Farm Store to see the alpacas, alpaca fleeces and other items that may be purchased.